Become A KIDZ BOP Kid!

We are looking for boys and girls ages 9 to 12 to become a member of the KIDZ BOP Kids! If you think your child’s got what it takes, send us a short performance video. They must be able to REALLY sing, dance and act. If they can also play an instrument let us know!

Your child will need to be able to travel, have a work permit and be in good standing (high grades) with their school.

Please reference the KIDZ BOP commercials, music videos and live tour videos online to see the caliber of talent we are looking for and the style of music and dancing that should be featured in the audition video.

Audition video is for casting purposes only and will not be shared. Please review our Casting Terms & Conditions before submitting your child’s audition and follow the instructions below!

Teachers and instructors, please find a flyer to post in your classroom or studio HERE (click to download) and handout with instructions HERE (click to download).

To be considered you must send a video audition for your child. Video is for audition purposes only and will not be shared. Please follow all directions completely and accurately:

  1. 1.) Please have your child hold up a completed ID sheet (click to download) or a piece of paper with the following information clearly written:

    CITY and STATE you live in

    Your child should hold the paper underneath their chin and say their name, your phone number and where they are from. They may then put the paper down out of sight.

  2. 2.) Have your child tell us about themselves for 15-30 seconds. Tell us things like how long they’ve been singing and dancing, any instruments they play, if they write music, rap, break dance, have won awards, have any hobbies, play sports, anything unique or special about them or that they can do, etc.
  3. 3.) Sing a one-minute (1st verse and chorus) song of their choice a cappella.
    *This means there should be no music or noise in the background at all, just singing.*
    Please choose a modern pop song that showcases a wide vocal range. NO Broadway songs or rap songs.
  4. 4.) Sing one-minute (1st verse and chorus) of one of the following songs that fits their vocal range:
    “Send My Love” originally by Adele
    “24k Magic” originally by Bruno Mars
    Please use KIDZ BOP versions of any songs used.
  5. 5.) Perform the one-minute choreographed dance routine that is taught by our KIDZ BOP choreographer. Please use KIDZ BOP versions of any songs used. Learn the routine HERE.
  6. 6.) Showcase 45-60 seconds of freestyle dancing after the choreography is complete. Please use KIDZ BOP versions of any songs used.
  7. 7.) If your child plays an instrument, raps, or has any other special talents, please showcase 30 seconds of each.
  8. 8.) State their name and your phone number again.
  9. 9.) Email us a link to your audition reel on YouTube or any other place you upload your audition to. Auditions will only be viewed from a link not opened directly in email to – [email protected]
    Please password protect the link to your audition and send us the code/make your YouTube upload unlisted.

Thank You for auditioning for KIDZ BOP! We are excited to see your audition!