Fabian Gaba


Age: 14

From: Gifhorn

Dance Battle!

Put your hands together for Kimi! Kimi can sure sing, but wait until you see his seriously awesome dance moves. Once, he participated in a Hip-Hop Championship and was in the top 3! Who wants to have a dance battle?

Coding is Fun!

Kimi’s dream job is to be a coder-how cool! Kimi wants to learn how to write code when he’s older so he can tell computers what to do!

Playing the Strings

Kimi loves to practice singing and dancing as a KIDZ BOP Kid, but he also loves to spend time practicing the guitar! 


If you ever find yourself on a football field, make sure you have Kimi on your team! Kimi is a major sports fan. His favourite team is Manchester City and his favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Favourite Singer:

Mark Forster